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Mark T. Ross, James Peris headline two new indie adventure launches

Step aside, Bond, James Bond.  Make way for Mark T. Ross and James Peris, two new crimefighting heroes making their respective adventure game debuts.

Mark T. Ross: A Private in Paris - Episode 1


Mark T. Ross stars in A Private in Paris as an American P.I. who has recently set up shop in Paris.  When a "mysterious and powerful man asks him to find his kidnapped son", Mark sets out with very few clues to start, so he'll need to unearth evidence and question many suspects in order to solve the case. 

As you might notice in the game's launch trailer, it's FMV! (Remember those?)  French developer Space Asylum refers to this as an "adventure game mixed with an interactive movie experience" that includes about an hour of video and multiple paths to shape the story as you like. This game is the first of two connected parts, the sequel expected sometime next year.

Available only for PC, the DRM-free download of Mark T. Ross: A Private in Paris - Episode 1 can be purchased directly from the developer for $4.99.  If you'd like to try before you buy, a very short 60 MB demo is also available to provide a brief glimpse of what to expect.

James Peris: No Licence Nor Control

Moving from Paris to James Peris: No Licence Nor Control, Spanish developer Pavo Entertainment's titular hero is a recently promoted secret agent whose goal is to meet as many women as possible.  He soon has bigger problems on his hands, however, as his first case proves much more difficult than he imagined, and he will now need to "resolve the mission with the least collateral damage possible."

A LucasArts-style, 2D comic adventure, James Peris promises more than 50 different scenarios to explore and over 25 diverse characters to interact with, plus additional minigames and alternate game modes that will be unlocked after completing the main game.

James Peris: No Licence Nor Control is available now for PC at a cost of €3.95 directly from the developer, where you can also find a playable demo of the game.

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