1953: KGB Unleashed for download at GamersGate

The Cold War may be over and the KGB no more (at least in name), but the dark machinations of the Russian security agency live on in fiction, this time in Phantomery Interactive's 1953: KGB Unleashed.

The new game from the creators of Outcry is set just prior to the KGB's official formation, sending you "deep within the bowels of a Soviet bunker", where prisoners were once used as laboratory experiments in the fields of human limitations, telepathy, and scare impact. All alone, players must "uncover the dark and horrifc secrets buried within, fighting their own paranoia along the way as well as the possibility of all-too-real terrors within the bunker."

Distributed by German publisher UIG, the English version of 1953: KGB Unleased is currently available for download through GamersGate.  A disc version of the game is planned for some time this quarter, but no firm details have yet been announced.

Details on 1953: KGB Unleashed

Adventure games by Phantomery Interactive

1953: KGB Unleashed  2012

Based on real developments at the KGB, which pushed the limits of human endurance, testing for the possibility of telepathy, as well as researching the psychological impact of fear on the human brain.

Outcry  2008

Outcry deals with aspects of irrational and subconscious dream viewing and near death experience.