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Horde of new releases launched in Deponia, Hoodwink, and The Walking Dead: Episode 2

There's a stench of trash, corruption, and decomposing flesh wafting through the genre today, with a trio of new releases in the form of Deponia, Hoodwink, and The Walking Dead: Episode Two.



Daedalic's Deponia is set on the eponymous trash-filled world, where a young man named Rufus is desperately seeking to escape to the floating cities in the sky.  A rather unscrupulous type, Rufus seens his chance when a lovely young woman falls from above.  But if he's to escort her home and claim his freedom, he'll need to overcome a host of obstacles and outright opposition first. 

Deponia is available today as a boxed version in the UK and Ireland, and will soon be online for download from The Adventure Shop.  For more information about the game, check out our hands-on preview or play the demo for yourself.



The cel-shaded Hoodwink thrusts players into the dystopian, post-epidemic world of Global-01.  A small-time thief named Michael Bezzle is just trying to "make good and impress the girl of his dreams", but "the all-powerful corporation Unicorp has other ideas, and set against a retro-futuristic backdrop, you’ll have to deal with bureaucracy, ruthless lawmen, chocolate-loving cyborgs and a vicious killer plant before you settle with the girl."

Hoodwink is available for download today exclusively from EA's Origin webstore.

The Walking Dead: Episode Two


It's been two months since we left The Walking Dead's convicted killer Lee Everett and his ragtag band of survivors outside of Atlanta with a horde of zombies closing in around them.  In Episode Two: Starved for Help, the group has holed up at a motel, where they're safe from attacks, but not so safe from hunger when the food begins to run out.

The second episode can be downloaded for PC and Mac only as part of a full season's purchase directly from Telltale or other participating digital distributors.  For console gamers, the new installment can be downloaded as DLC from Episode One through the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 MS Points, or from the PlayStation Network for $4.99.

Community Comments

Latest comments (8 total)

I saw the review at GameSpot, also.  Note that the reviewer is British.  That probably contributed to the higher than expected score for an adventure game at GameSpot.  Europeans seem to enjoy games that challenge their gray matter a bit.  My fellow Americans tend to be intellectually lazy and mainly play mindless violent games.  I don’t personally know even one person who plays adventure games other than myself.

Jun 30, 2012

June Had turned out be so Generous at last.

Jun 29, 2012

And if you are a “Steam type”, then you also won’t like Origin.

Jun 29, 2012

Aaah, then I understand what you mean!
And that means I won’t be playing that game either, unless it will be released in some other way too…

Jun 29, 2012

Origin is the Steam like Platform of Electronic Arts. It’s new and has intentions to be “better than Steam”. If you are not the “Steam type” guy who doesn’t want to use an account for something that is supposed to be yours and you have paid for it, then you won’t like Origin either.

Jun 29, 2012

@ tsampikos What is it about Origin that I have no idea about? I have never heard of them before…

Jun 29, 2012

I have already ordered Deponia. Gamespot, a real Adventure games hater, rated this with 8.0. This indicates that it must be a very very good game Smile .
Hoodwink must be interesting too, I would like to buy it but since it is only in Origin availabe, no thank you, I won’t support them….

Jun 29, 2012

Deponia shows a release date of 31st July on the UK Adventure Shop, although as the US site also shows that I guess that’s the US release date. Gamersgate and Gamesrocket don’t show release dates at all, so it looks like there’s nowhere it can be downloaded today. Do Daedalic not employ someone to coordinate these kinds of things?

Jun 29, 2012
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