Browser-based Botanicula demo breaks ground

If you haven't yet played Botanicula, why not?... I mean, you now have the chance to try it out first, as a browser-based demo of Amanita's latest masterpiece is now available. 

Botanicula casts players in the roles of five little critters who must set out on a journey to save the last remaining seed when their tree is invaded by nasty parasites. But they soon find their natural habitat is home to all sorts of dangers and obstacles, and it will require each character working together to overcome them all.

As with other Amanita games, Botanicula relies more on careful exploration of each vivid, creative environment to discover how the world works than on more overt puzzles.  The demo begins right at the start of the game, and can be played directly in your browser at the official website.

For more information about this delightfully quirky game, be sure to check out our Botanicula review.

Details on Botanicula

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