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Black comedy set to Hoodwink gamers at month’s end

Usually being hoodwinked isn't a good thing, but a new indie developer out of Malaysia is ready to change that notion, announcing its debut point-and-click adventure game, Hoodwink.

Hoodwink is set in a dystopian, post-epidemic future ruled by the world's last remaining corporate giant.  Players assume the role of Michael Bezzle, a "smart-mouthed bumbling scoundrel seeking to turn over a new leaf and settle down with his girlfriend. However, his luck takes a turn for the worse when his final caper lands him in trouble with the government and he must rely on his wits as he gets further enmeshed in the machinationsof the state."

As evidenced in the initial screenshots, the "decaying metropolis of Global-01" is depicted in distinctive graphic novel-styled artwork.  Despite the grim-sounding setting, developer E-One Studio promises the game will feature plenty of colourful characters and "twisted dark humour" as it "takes a sideways look at the classic genre of film noir".

The best news of all is that the game is nearly ready for downloadable release, as E-One plans to launch the game at the end of June. For more information about Hoodwink in the coming weeks, check out the developer's Facebook page.

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