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The Journey Down makes its way out with downloadable release

SkyGoblin's The Journey Down has certainly taken a roundabout route to get where it is, but today the journey finally reached its destination with the release of Chapter One.

In this first of four parts of The Journey Down, players control a laid-back owner of a waterfront Gas 'n' Charter.  Far behind in their electric bills, Bwana and his brother Kito jump at the chance to help a woman who arrives seeking a lost book that may hold the secret to reaching the mysterious "Underland". Unfortunately, their airplane is in serious need of repairs if it's ever to get off the ground, and time is running out before mobsters arrive to stop them.

Originally released as a freeware adventure in 2010, the commercial version now available includes impressive new HD graphics and full voiceovers, plus some additional locations and puzzles. The changes make a marked difference in establishing the unique atmosphere of the game, with its Jamaican-style accents and character models heavily inspired by ancient African masks and carvings.

The Journey Down: Chapter One is available for download now from The Adventure Shop and a variety of other portals.  For more details about the game, check out our hands-on preview, which includes an interview with the game's creator.

Note: Adventure Gamers is an Adventure Shop affiliate.

Community Comments

Latest comments (1 total)

I played the game, had huge expectations, partly filled partly not.

The main character is awesome, great voicing too. Humor is good. Scenes look amazing, characters a bit less. Music is also top notch!
Most of the characters look like they are created by amateurish 3d devs. I know that it’s an indie adventure, so that’s probably the cause. Cutscene also looked a bit missing details.

Main thing that put me off was the voicing of the other characters, you clearly notice different places where the voices were recorded, some very bad. Main characters are great, supporting cast has not the same quality.

Also the game is a bit short for the money I thought. I also think the game has a bit of fast pace introducing the story, it goes a little bit too fast I think.

Sorry to be so negative, I expected a lot of it. Still, really liked it.

May 20, 2012
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