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Moebius chosen as next adventure from Jane Jensen

The fans have spoken (at least, those who put their money where their mouths were), and the first game from Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road Studio will be Moebius.

As part of the ongoing "Community Supported Gaming" fundraising campaign at Kickstarter, Jensen gave early supporters the choice of three potential games as her next project.  Options included Gray Matter 2 and a 19th century historical mystery/romance with the working title Anglophile Adventure.  But Moebius came out the winner, as fans were lured by the promise of another "metaphysical sci-fi thriller in the vein of Dante’s Equation and Gabriel Knight."

Moebius stars antiquities dealer Malachi Rector, a young, handsome man with "a knack for sensing 'the soul' of an object", who travels the world hunting for unique artifacts. When his "upscale Manhattan store is destroyed in a fire, Rector is hired by millionaire Amble Dexter to investigate a series of events and document them in his meticulous way." The first such indicent is the death of a lovely, talented woman in Venice whose death proves to have "great hidden significance. It appears that Amble Dexter and his associates are playing with the fabric of life in a way Rector never imagined possible". Even he is destined to play his part, so it's now up to him to discover the full truth and "decide whether to play his pre-scripted role or try to change the outcome."

As you'd expect from a Jane Jensen adventure, Moebius will be a third-person, point-and-click title.  The game will feature a 2D graphic novel visual style and include two difficulty modes, with optional features like hints, hotspot highlighter, and a simplified interface if so desired.

If Pinkerton Road's fundraising campaign is successful, the plan is for Moebius to be released sometime around March 2013.  When asked if the game would still be her first project regardless of the Kickstarter results, Jensen confirmed that it would be, though the need to reach out to other investors would obviously set back the projected timeline. 

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