Tex Murphy to don Fedora once again

Long awaited sequel confirmed, with Kickstarter campaign slated for May

There are three words sure to delight longtime adventure gamers: "Tex Murphy revival". For a long time that appeared to be a pipe dream, but it's finally going to become reality, as series creator Chris Jones has confirmed plans for a new game in the highly acclaimed detective series.

After teasing an upcoming announcement that fueled rampant speculation last week, now Jones has officially confirmed what many guessed (ironically making the news "official" on the Unofficial Tex Murphy Web Site), with a video and definitive confirmation that a new Tex Murphy game is on the way. Exactly what that game will entail, however, is still to be determined. Originally the plan was for a "modest game design" with a budget suited to a small independent studio. But like the rest of us, the Tex team watched as Double Fine's Kickstarter fundraising campaign became a phenomenal success, and the idea was planted for a "larger scale" adventure.

According to Jones, public funding will allow the new game, codenamed Project Fedora at the current time, to reach the "epic level" that Tex Murphy fans have come to expect. Expanded features would include "more actors, locations, broader stories and yes - even meaningful, varied story paths." And of course, the all important promise of a "true Adventure game with Immersive 3D world, Full Motion Video, and longer game play."

The Tex Murphy Kickstarter campaign won't actually begin until May 15, as the developers are still considering bonus incentives for backers, and are encouraging feedback along those lines. They're also soliciting "Tex Murphy Testimonials" from fans, some of which will be incorporated into the campaign's promotional material. Those interested in contributing should address mail to the Big Finish Games contact page.

We won't know any concrete details about the game for some time (and bear in mind that Kickstarter campaigns are all-or-nothing, depending on whether the financial goal is met in its entirety), but for now it's a thrill just to know that Tex is returning in one form or another. Stay tuned!

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