First glimpse of Quantic Dream’s Kara seen at GDC

It's been a couple of years since Quantic Dream wowed the world with their dark thriller Heavy Rain, a phenomenal success that blended adventure and player-directed action into a new kind of game no one had ever experienced before.

Since then the French studio has been pretty quiet on current projects, until yesterday at the GDC in California, when – much like they did with Heavy Rain's “The Casting” – Quantic unveiled a tech demo of their latest project’s engine in action. Entitled simply “Kara”, the demo shows an android being constructed only to find that it clearly has a defect when it starts exhibiting qualities unbecoming an automaton.

Little is known about the actual project so far, and Quantic Dream founder David Cage was quick to point out that this is purely a tech demo and doesn’t reflect the actual story or setting of the new game. Nevertheless, it’s a stunning teaser and an excellent showcase for their new engine, though Cage also noted that this is only the first iteration of the engine, and they are currently working on their third. The whole sequence is rendered live by a PlayStation 3, and can be viewed in either SD or HD versions on Eurogamer.

Whether there proves to be even a tenuous link to the upcoming game or not, the world is now watching, so stay tuned for more details on this exciting project as they arise.

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