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First Adam’s Venture 3 trailer revealed

With Adams's Venture 3: Revelations running, jumping, and shimmying its way towards release next month, the first trailer has been unveiled just ahead of the action-charged adventure.

The third and final game for Adam Venture and his girlfriend Evelyn actually takes players back to where it all began, as "left for dead by the megalomaniac Clairvaux leader in Solomon's collapsing palace, Adam relives his first meeting with Evelyn and their expedition to the small French town of Luz. Templar secrets, powerful corporations and the importance of keeping a promise all fight for attention in his feverish mind." Once revived, Adam will have his hands full ensuring the end of the series doesn't mean the end of him as well.

As with the previous two installments, Revelations features real-time 3D environments with an emphasis on physical activity, though with 25 new puzzles to solve rather than resorting to violence, the challenge once again remains an intellectual one rather than a matter of reflexes. The first trailer offers the first live glimpse of some of the 1920s locations featured in the game and briefly introduces Adam's father, a lazy French postman.

Development of Adam's Venture 3: Revelations is now complete, and the game is right on track for release in the UK and through digital distribution on March 9th.

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