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Murder in Tehran’s Alleys 1933, Forgotten Sound planned for 2012

The ever-expanding community of adventure developers has reached Iran, as indie developer RSK Entertainment has announced the completed production of Murder in Tehran's Alleys 1933, with a fantasy adventure named Forgotten Sound to follow soon.

Murder in Tehran's Alleys 1933

A series of brutal and frightening killings has gripped the city of Tehran in 1933. Tortured before being cut to pieces, the victims are innocent children living downtown, and there seems to be no clear motive behind the murders. With the media fuelling public hysteria against the government's inability to protect them, it's up to detective Afshar to solve the case with help from a journalist named Sarsolooki, who believes there's much more to the killings than the random violent acts of a madman.

As seen in the work-in-progress gameplay trailer, the third-person point-and-click adventure features a realistic 2.5D art style with hand-painted cinematics patterned after classic 20th century detective novels. Murder in Tehran's Alleys 1933 promises to include 65 backgrounds across 18 different locations, with 22 characters to interact with, two difficulty settings and mutiple endings to fill out its 7-plus hours of game time. There is no firm release schedule yet, but RSK is currently pursuing international publishing options, hoping to distribute the game on DVD sometime in 2012.

Forgotten Sound

Clearly not resting on their laurels, the developers are already hard at work on their next adventure, Forgotten Sound. Music has been forbidden in Sound Shine City since the queen died, but some are prepared to rebel. Shahbaz, the prince of Sound Shine, seeks to play a magical musical instrument, but the strings are broken, and he must journey to distant lands to find more.

Also a third-person adventure, Forgotten Sound features a much more stylized artistic approach, as befits its fantasy setting. The game has been in production for many months, and RSK is hoping to complete the game in March, with distribution options still to be determined at that time.

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