Stacking set to inhabit PCs next spring

Merry Christmas from Double Fine Productions, PC owners! Though you won't get to play it just yet, you can cross Stacking off your wish list, as the unique console puzzler is currently being ported for release next spring.

Stacking is an utterly original adventure that casts players – at least temporarily – in the role of little Charlie Blackmore, the tiniest member of a family of matryoshka Russian nesting dolls living in the 1930s. Charlie's parents and older siblings have been captured by an evil business tycoon for use as slave labour, and to free them, Charlie must "stack" himself into increasingly larger dolls he meets along the way, strategically making use of the unique skills of each one.

Originally released only for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this past February, Stacking is due to arrive on PCs sometime next spring. Available exclusively on Steam, the game will sell for $14.99 and include the downlodable expansion The Lost Hobo King.

For the full scoop on Stacking, check out our thoroughly impressed, four-and-a-half star review of the game.

Details on Stacking

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