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New adventure leaks out in Miskatonic: The Inhuman Stain

Lovecraft fans, rejoice! There's a new episodic adventure inspired by the renowned horror writer now underway in the form of Miskatonic: Part 1 - The Inhuman Stain.

The series tells the tale of a young woman named Aurinda, who accepts a job as a professor at the esteemed Miskatonic University in New England. The rumours are rampant of "legendary madmen, strange disappearances, whispers of darker things. But they can't all be true, can they?"

Largely the work of a lone developer, The Inhuman Stain is the first of three parts, offering "a mix of sleuthing and puzzle-solving in a rich environment full of eccentric characters." Although the influence of Lovecraft can be clearly felt, the game presents an original storyline with a mix of both "horror and comedy elements" as Aurinda "attempts to investigate suspicious events around campus."

The first episode is available for purchase now at $9.95 directly from the official website, where you can also download a playable demo. There is no firm timetable set for future installments, but the developer hopes to complete each new episode within six months of the last.

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