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Leisure Suit Larry gets HD makeover

Leisure Suit Larry's getting on in years. He was no spring chicken when he debuted way back in 1987, and the only way to recapture his youth now is through artificial enhancement. Luckily for adventure fans, that's just what he's getting, as the lovable loser will return next year looking better than ever in an updated HD version of Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards.

The re-release is being spearheaded by Replay Games, whose founder Paul Trowe is a former Sierra employee who has been trying to obtain the LSL franchise rights for the last ten years. Not only did he finally succeed, the agreement covers all platforms, including PC, MAC, XBLA, PSN, iOS, Android, Steam, On-Live, Gaikai, and all major affiliate portals. Better yet, it also allows for new Larry adventures in future should the company wish to pursue them.

For now the focus will be on updating the original classic with spanking new HD graphics. Development is being handled by Israeli studio Adventure Mob, but the project is being overseen by none other than series creator Al Lowe to ensure that "the world’s favorite leisure suit-wearer remains the same guy we all learned to love a quarter-century ago."

There is no firm target date for the re-release, but the current goal is to finish the game in the fourth quarter of 2012... "Ish".

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