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Rip-roaring new Jurassic Park action trailer launched

T-Rex's eating people? Check. Veliciraptors pack hunting? Yep. Stampeding Triceratops? You bet! The new trailer from Telltale has everything dino fans could hope for, including a release date for Jurassic Park: The Game.

In a departure from Telltale's previous traditional adventure games, Jurassic Park promises to be more of an interactive cinematic experience. Gameplay is split up between multiple playable characters, with “exploration” and “action” modes requiring key input from players to help shape the story in crucial ways. Some of those decisions will be life or death, and the latest trailer gives a good idea why. The dinosaurs on Isla Nubar are loose and on the prowl, and don't take too kindly to sharing their territory with meddling humans.

Along with offering a few action-packed scenes from the upcoming series, the trailer also reveals November 15th as the first episode's launch date. The game is currently in production for PC, Mac, and as-yet undisclosed consoles.

For more details about Jurassic Park, be sure to check out our preview of the game.

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