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Secret Files 3, Lucius trailers kick off gamescom highlights

Another convention, another six thousand or so new videos! Well, not quite, but they'll soon add up before all is said and done. With gamescom being held in Germany this week, the trailers have started rolling out en masse. First up are Secret Files 3 and Lucius, with more still to come.

Secret Files 3

Nina and Max are back for a third adventure, this time ready to face their biggest challenge yet: marriage. But trouble follows this pair wherever they go, and as the first teaser for the new game suggests, once again they'll soon be up to their necks in bad buys, explosions, shadowy characters and all-around mayhem. Not that adventure gamers would have it any other way.


You can hold off the devil for a while, but he's coming nonetheless in Lucius. The game that puts you in the six-year old shoes of the titular son on Satan has been pushed back to early 2012, but the new trailer offers a more in-depth look at the evil awaiting when it finally arrives. Lucius is "equipped with supernatural powers, Lucius starts off to a blood-flooding tour of horror through his house, using hell's powers of telekinesis and mind control to orchestrate deadly accidents that will minimize the population of the manor one by one by one..."

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