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Eko: Strange New World charts course for summer release

If you can't afford a real summer getaway this year, instead you can virtually travel on a budget to a totally alien planet in the upcoming point-and-click sci-fi adventure, Eko: Strange New World.

This three-part adventure series from small Australian developer SIN ARS STUDIOS, Eko follows the continuous story of the titular character, an alien mechanic who is "unexpectedly shot in to space while repairing a ship. Crash landing on a strange and unfamiliar planet, he must explore this unknown territory and solve a range of puzzles with the aim of repairing his ship and returning home."


The first screenshots of the game show off its simple but distinctive 2D art style, representing just some of the game's diverse locations, which promise to range from "forests to bars, alleyways and underground bases".

Eko: Strange New World is currently on track for downloadable release some time in August, though no firm release details have yet been announced.

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This looks neat. I wonder how if the play style will be closer to a traditional inventory point n’ click or like Samorost.

I still have so many adventures to play this year that are getting backlogged. This is just adding to the queue.

Jul 26, 2011
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