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Dark Secrets revealed about episodic indie adventure

From the twisted minds of the aptly-named Twistedmind Studios (update: now DreamCraft Entertainment, which is far less twisted) comes word of a new episodic indie adventure, with a trailer and playable demo already available for their haunting upcoming mystery, Dark Secrets.

Dark Secrets is a planned four-part series casting players in the role of Arthur, a man who returns to his Scandinavian childhood village following the death of his father. The quaint town seems idyllic on the surface, and Arthur has inherited the family antique shop, but soon after his arrival he realizes that he's entered a world "filled with mysteries and danger. In the end, what secrets will he uncover about the village, the people that he meets and about himself? Are there secrets that are best left untouched? And can one hope to escape the sins of the father?"

The trailer for Dark Secrets shows some of the town's scenic environments in all their free-roaming, first-person glory, and hints at some of the more ominous elements awaiting players once its mysteries are uncovered. For an even more up-close-and-personal experience, you can download a 162 MB demo of the game from the official website, which lets you wander an eerie nighttime forest, both above and below ground.

While no firm release date has yet been announced, the developers are currently targeting a downloadable release of the first episode this summer through major digital distribution portals.

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