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The Second Guest welcomed by publisher this fall

Montreal-based publisher Meridian4 plans to launch its first episodic series this fall with The Second Guest, the upcoming horror-mystery game by Twice Effect.

Set in 1920s London, the game casts players as a young student named Jack Ice, who is invited to Lord Averton's castle for a reading of the late noble's will. Not even knowing the man, Jack is initially hesitant and soon regrets not listening to his instinct when he learns Averton's death was not natural and that someone may be gunning for the would-be beneficiaries in attendance. Trapped in the castle by an untimely mudslide, Jack must get to the truth behind Averton's fate before he meets his own.

According to the publisher, The Second Guest will feature “both hair-raising situations and laugh-out-loud moments” using a familiar point-and-click interface and stylized 2D graphics inspired by films such as The Corpse Bride.

Five episodes of The Second Guest are planned in total, with the first one slated for Steam and other unnamed digital services this fall. The publisher has not released episode titles or prices at this time.

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