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L.A. Noire targets PC release this fall

Heard all the buzz about L.A. Noire and cursed the fact that it was exclusive to consoles? Well, gripe no more, as Rockstar has just announced that its highly acclaimed crime thriller will be ported to PC this fall.

Currently available only for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, L.A. Noire follows the career of Cole Phelps as he moves up the police ranks in a corrupt 1940s Los Angeles. Confronted by a number of cases based on real-world events, players must search for clues at a variety of grisly crime scenes and carefully interrogate suspects to expose lies in their testimonies. L.A. Noire is far from a traditional adventure, however, as there are also a number of gunfights and car chases along the way, though most of the action scenes can be skipped if so desired.

The PC port will be developed by Rockstar Leeds, and promises to include both keyboard and gamepad controls, graphical enhancements, and "3D support for an even greater sense of interaction and immersion within a painstakingly detailed 1940s Los Angeles."

No firm release date has yet been announced, but the game is due to arrive some time this fall. In the meantime, everyone who was ignoring the buzz until now had best get caught up by checking out our 5-star review.

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