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The Fall Trilogy: Part 3 hits the ground running today

If you've been trying to make sense of the first two surreal chapters in Kheops Studio's The Fall Trilogy, the answers are finally at hand, as Part 3: Revelation was released today for purchase and download.

In the two seemingly unrelated previous installments of this casual adventure series, players found themselves exploring an ancient temple and then navigating the offices and security systems of a hi-tech building as a secret agent. With no idea how you arrived at either place (or time) or why, your memory only gradually began returning in fragmented pieces, never fully coming together. So what new scenario awaits in the final chapter, and how does that tie into your identity? To answer that, you'll need to play Revelation for yourself.

Fortunately, you can do just that right here. Below is a playable demo taken from the start of the game. This time around, you awaken as a doctor in a Victorian-era home, where the lady of the house has left you a letter urgently requesting that you save her husband. To begin playing, simply click the demo box below. (Please allow some time for the game to initially load.) To play in full screen, click the icon above the demo box (to exit out of full screen, hit Alt + Enter).

For now, the only way to purchase Revelation is through Kheops' own webstore, though the game is due to arrive soon at Big Fish Games at other digital download portals.


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