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Memento Mori 2 springs to life later this year

The series about death just won't die. That's a good thing for adventure gamers, as dtp has at long last officially announced production on Memento Mori 2: Guardian of Immortality.

Though news of a sequel to 2009's Memento Mori first leaked many months ago, the veil has finally been lifted with the first details and screenshots. In the new game, Lara and Max are now married, but their honeymoon in South Africa is short-lived, as Lara is called in to help with an art theft case in Cape Town. After picking up the thief's trail, "Max and the thief get caught up in a terrible car crash. The thief’s body is salvaged from the bottom of the steep coastal cliff and Max is declared missing, presumed dead." A grieving Lara returns to her Interpol office in Lyon, but her next case keeps dropping clues that Max may still be alive.


Guardian of Immortality promises three playable characters that will take players to more than 50 locations, including stops in Finland San Francisco's Chinatown. There is no word yet on an English-language release date, but dtp is currently aiming to launch the game in the fourth quarter of this year in German-speaking territories.

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