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Enter the Dragonsphere without dropping any gold

Digital game distributor GOG.com recently made some changes to their delivery software, and to celebrate the occasion they are giving away a free copy of the fantasy epic Dragonsphere to all registered users.

Dragonsphere casts players as Callash, the newly-crowned King of Gran Callahach, whose father oversaw the imprisoning of the evil wizard Sanwe inside his castle two decades before. Alas, the binding spell has grown weak and a mystical device called the Dragonsphere warns that the wicked spellcaster is preparing his escape. To stop him, King Callash must venture out into the sorcerer's treacherous domain to prevent him from regaining his power. Along the way, Callash discovers a deception that could bring the entire kingdom to its knees.

Originally published by MicroProse in 1994, the game includes no enhancements to graphics or sound, but it has been modified for proper compatibility with modern computers, and the DRM-free download comes with a PDF version of the original manual.

You can grab your complimentary copy of Dragonsphere right now at the GOG.com website.

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