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Telltale unleashes new Jurassic Park trailer

With its release date charging fast, Telltale Games, recently released a new trailer that gives a behind-the-scenes look at their latest episodic adventure, Jurassic Park.

The upcoming series takes place inside the same fabled island sanctuary that served as the setting for the original book and film. True to the source, players will enter a gentle paradise that is home to a variety of prehistoric plants and dinosaur species, but events take a quick and dark turn as the tentative grasp the caretakers have on the terrible lizards slips and the beasts are soon free to roam—and to feed. Controlling multiple characters throughout the game, players will guide a group of survivors to safety while avoiding various island hazards and the gullet of a hungry T. Rex.

The latest trailer not only includes significant new in-game footage, it goes beyond the protective barrier to talk about the team's fondness for the franchise and how the tone and pacing of Steven Spielberg's classic films influenced their interactive take. Since this is a new tale set in a well-trod universe, the team sought to include features that would help distinguish their game from everything that had come before. This not only meant new human characters, but a dinosaur new to the world of Jurassic Park.

We took an early look at Jurassic Park: The Game last month, but this video will have to tide us over until the first episode kicks off in April.

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