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New trailer offers behind-the-scenes look into Black Mirror III

With the release of Black Mirror III: The Final Chapter closing in on its spring launch, Lace Mamba Global today released a lengthy new trailer offering behind-the-scenes insight about the game from writer Anne von Vaszary.

Narrated in German but with English subtitles, von Vaszary shares a brief review of the key events from Black Mirror and its sequel (note: this includes serious spoilers for those who haven't yet completed those games), along with a preview of what to expect in the upcoming third installment. Filmed at Cranberry Production's studio in Germany, the seven-minute video also provides some background information about the game's development process.

Black Mirror III picks up immediately after the cliffhanger events of its predecessor. The Black Mirror Castle is now ablaze, and protagonist Darren Michaels is the chief suspect not only of arson, but some nearby murders as well. Imprisoned and forced to undergo psychological testing, Darren even questions his own sanity when he begins having dark visions of committing gruesome acts.

Black Mirror III: The Final Chater (subtitled Final Fear in North America) is due out this April.

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wow, this was great to watch.  She’s like the German version of Jane Jensen….So talented.  The Black Mirror games are the best I’ve ever played and the story is so in-depth and amazing it could even transfer into a movie.  But Hollow-wood would most likely wreck it so lets keep it just for us adventure gamers.

Feb 18, 2011
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