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15(-ish) days before release of 15 Days in UK stores

The expected arrival of a boxed version of 15 Days ended up taking many long months, but at long last the wait appears to be over, as Lace Mamba Global announced that the game will be released in the UK on March 4th.

The political thriller from German developer House of Tales follows the exploits of three young art thieves. Like modern day Robin Hoods, the London trio steals valuable paintings from museums and then donates the sales proceeds to charitable African causes. Things go terribly wrong, however, when their latest heist becomes connected to the death of a prominent politician and puts a US special agent on their trail. What's worse, their newest assignment for an anonymous benefactor proves to be a dangerous one that ends up "entangling all four into affairs of international politics."

Originally launched as a download-only title last June, this release marks the first available boxed version of the game. True to its name, there are only 15 more days between now and the game's release in UK stores.

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the game was a complete disaster. the storyline was interesting and the music was good but with such bland characters, horible animation, major control problems and especialy, no puzzles at all, this was a true time waster.

Feb 16, 2011
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