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The Rockin’ Dead ready to spring to life in optical 3D

The term "3D graphics" is about to take on a whole new meaning this spring, as bitComposer Games has just unveiled the first details about The Rockin' Dead, the first point-and-click adventure to make use of optical 3D technology.

The Rockin' Dead is a B movie-style supernatural mystery that casts players in the role of Alyssa, leader of a struggling heavy metal girl band. After receiving an anonymous invitation to a new gig and setting out in the tour bus, the trio "have a road accident in the boondocks. Alyssa regains consciousness only to find that all of the band’s equipment and the other two girls have vanished into thin air! The adventure begins here and, in her search to solve the mystery, it leads Alyssa ever deeper into a world of undead beings, rocking skeletons and a host of other bizarre creatures!"

Developed by German studio Grasland Production, The Rockin' Dead will come in both 2D and 3D versions, with glasses included to make full use of the game's Anaglyph 3D technology. The game also promises 93 locations to explore and over 20 unusual characters to interact with along the way.

No firm release date has been set yet, but The Rockin' Dead is currently scheduled for completion some time in the second quarter of 2011.

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