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Hamlet chooses to be at App Store

William Shakespeare probably never imagined himself on the iPhone. Then again, he probably never imagined one of his classic plays being reimagined in mif2000's Hamlet. But both are true today, as Alawar has just launched the iOS port of the quirky comic puzzler.

Originally released for PC last April, this "twisted" verison of Shakespeare's story casts players as a little man from the future, who unwittingly arrives in the past just as Hamlet is about to rescue his beloved Ophelia. Unfortunately, he crash lands right on top of the Danish hero, and now it's up to him to assume Hamlet's role and ensure that "history" carries on as intended (more or less).

Ported to multiple iOS platforms, Hamlet is available at the App Store now for $2.99 on iPhone/iPod Touch, and $3.99 on iPad. There are "lite" versions to demo for free on each system.

For full details on Hamlet, be sure to check out our review of the PC original.

Details on Hamlet

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