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Scarlett and the Spark of Life gets brighter with Visual Commentary

Scarlett and the Spark of Life has more life than ever today, as the iPhone/iPod Touch exclusive has now been updated with a visual commentary feature that gives players an inside look at the game's development process.

Originally released by Launching Pad Games in December, Scarlett and the Spark of Life is the first of four planned Scarlett Adventures, starring an unconventional princess who must thwart a kidnap plot with help from an egomaniacal mechanical horse. With today’s update, there is now an option to follow developers Tim Knauf and Tristan Clark discussing concept art, coding decisions, and behind-the-scenes gossip in the same comical tone as the game's script. When the feature is turned on, commentary can be accessed by tapping an on-screen icon, with one or two entries appearing on most screens.

Those who have already bought the game can access the update for free through the App Store's Updates list, while new customers will receive the enhanced version automatically upon purchase. Coinciding with the update is a temporary sale price, as the game is currently available for only 99 cents.

Details on Scarlett Adventures: Episode 1 - Scarlett and the Spark of Life

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