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First Cat Lady trailer unleashed

There aren't many cats in the first trailer for The Cat Lady, but there is lots of blood, death, and other grisly images in this first glimpse of the new horror game from the indie creator of Downfall.

The Cat Lady is Susan Ashworth, a troubled young woman who attempts suicide after her husband dies. Ripped back from the dreamlike world on the edge of life and death, however, now she's thrust back into the dreary real-world existence under a suicide watch. Unfortunately for Susan, she's brought back something with her and she'll now need to fight to survive. Five people are destined to come into her life: one will change it for the better, but the other four have reasons to hurt her and will stop at nothing to succeed.

As in Harvester Games' debut adventure, The Cat Lady makes heavy use of black-and-white with only judicious use of colour. Much of that colour is once again red, as the many blood stains emphasize the horrors Susan must face. The images are drawn in a somewhat cartoon-like style, but make no mistake: this is not a game intended for young ones or the squeamish.

The tailer will have to tide you over for a while, as the release of The Cat Lady is still a way off, as the developer is currently targeting completion in the fourth quarter of next year.

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I cant wait to play this game! I love the look and style of the game, ever since downfall I am hooked!

Feb 14, 2011
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