A Vampyre Story turns to bite-sized episodic prequel

Update: New details emerge about five-episode "Year One" for iPad and PC

While we continue to wait for A Vampyre Story to move forward with A Bat's Tale, Autumn Moon has decided to step backwards first with an episodic prequel called Year One.

As recently revealed on the developer's blog, the prequel will launch exclusively on the Apple iPad first, followed by PC versions some time after. The series will once again star opera singer-turned-reluctant vampire Mona and her wisecracking bat pal Froderick as they "explore more of Castle Warg and Draxsylvania, solve fiendish puzzles, and outwit hideous new creatures." As seen in the newly-released screenshot, we can be sure that Year One will look as good as ever artistically.


Update: According to Autumn Moon's Bill Tiller, the current goal is for Year One to consist of five separate episodes. The first episode will be called When Mona Met Froderick, and will feature both old and new characters, including Shrowdy and the Bellfry Boys. The debut takes players to a previously-unexplored part of the castle, but future episodes will progress to other parts of Draxsylvania, and even a glimpse of Paris. If successful, the series could even be extended into Year Two and beyond.

While focus on Year One will undoubtedly delay production on A Bat's Tale, Autumn Moon was also quick to assure fans than plans for the sequel are still in the works, optimistically suggesting "next fall" as a possible target.

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