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Jekyll & Hyde barge into North American stores

It's almost Halloween, and the monsters are everwhere! This time it's Mr. Hyde on the loose, as The Adventure Company has just released the retail version of Jekyll & Hyde in North America.

A few weeks following the game's downloadable release, the boxed version of Jekyll & Hyde now exposes more players to this loose adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic. In an effort to cure London of a mysterious plague that affects only adults, Dr. Jekyll unwittingly creates a potion that unleashes his inner beast, the grotesque and untamed Mr. Hyde. When Jekyll discovers a series of underground caverns with ties to an ancient cult, however, he'll not only need to accommodate Hyde's presence, but actively seek it to utilize the monster's superhuman abilities.

It should be noted that Jekyll & Hyde is not a traditional adventure, as it includes some light platforming elements as you control both titular characters at times, with gaps to jump, ledges to climb, and other environmental challenges to overcome. There are more conventional puzzles as well, whether concocting new potions or solving challenges based on the mystery sect's Greek mythological beliefs.

Jekyll & Hyde is shipping to retailers now, and will be available at a budget price of $19.99 USD.

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