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Jekyll & Hyde unleashed today at Adventure Shop

If you've been longing to unleash your inner beast and not get arrested for it, now you can, as Jekyll & Hyde has been released for download today at The Adventure Shop.

The latest adapation of Robert Louis Stevenson's enduring classic casts players as both titular characters. It's 19th century London, and Dr. Jekyll is seeking a cure for the plague, but he unwittingly creates a formula that manifests his dark alter ego, Mr. Hyde. Players must not only guide Jekyll in his quest to find an antidote for the epidemic, but also delve deeper into the city's dangerous underground to root out the secrets of an occult sect.

Jekyll & Hyde is not a traditional adventure, as it combines standard exploration and puzzle-solving with a degree of action and skill-based elements. Many puzzles are reportedly based on Greek mythology, and of course there's a laboratory for players to mix special potions together. What mad scientist would be without one?

The game is currently available only for download, and can be purchased from The Adventure Shop.

Note: Adventure Gamers is an Adventure Shop affiliate

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