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2011 is Heaven’s Hope for new dark comic adventure

If you're hoping for some promising new adventures in 2011, better look to the heavens. Not to pray (though that probably wouldn't hurt), but for the falling angel set to star in an upcoming adventure called Heaven's Hope.

The independent adventure by German developer Mosaic Mask Studio casts players in the shoes (wings?) of Talorel, an angel-candidate and stunt-flying student. When Talorel accidentally falls and breaks the cloud barrier, he plummets to Earth near a town called Heaven's Hope. Unfortunately for him, "crossing the frontier is only permitted by the express consent of any of the archangels and is granted only in exceptional cases. Should the archangels learn of the infringement, the career of the young candidate would in all probability be ruined even before it has started." Players must help Talorel in his quest to return to heaven, but naturally, this task will be anything but easy.

Described by the developers as a combination of comedy and dark mystery, this 19th century point-and-click title promises approximately 40 hand-drawn locations and over 25 characters to interact with, plus some alternate puzzle solutions and multiple endings. Mosaic also intends to add some special features like a customizable character and a co-op mode, though no details are available yet on how these will work.

Although developed in Germany, the the developers have confirmed their intention to release the game in English as well, not only for PC, but for Mac, mobile platforms and Nintendo Wii as well, due some time next year. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Heaven's Hope website for more information.

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