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Great Scott!  Christopher Lloyd returns in Back to the Future

If your response to Telltale's newest adventure series is that it just wouldn't be Back to the Future without Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, word today from Telltale will come as welcome news. Not only did the company announce that the likenesses of both actors will be used, but Lloyd will be contributing his voice talents as well.

In their latest blog post, Telltale revealed some key details about the upcoming five-episode season. highlighted by the first released concept art showing the images of Fox and Lloyd in their roles of Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown, respectively.


Alas, there is no word on the voice actor for Marty's role, but Lloyd will reprise his role as the eccentric scientist by providing the voiceover for Doc Brown. Perhaps just as importantly, Telltale announced that Bob Gale, co-writer of the original movie trilogy, is back on board lending his expertise to the series once again.

There is still no firm release date announced for Back to the Future, but the series is scheduled to launch sometime this winter.

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