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Fragment of RHEM 4 offered in playable demo

If the thought of a full RHEM game makes your brain hurt, now you can try a sampler instead, as a demo has now been released for the latest installment of the popular puzzle-adventure series.

RHEM 4: The Golden Fragments picks up where the previous game left off, but here you'll be exploring a new part of the island, and for the first time ever, you now have a hope of escape. In order to access the transport system that may lead to a way out, however, you'll first need to explore another vast area in search of nine key fragments, solving numerous puzzles as you go.

The demo gets you started with little preamble, introducing the scenario and then confronting you immediately with puzzles of all sorts to solve before you can proceed. You can download the small 77 MB sampler directly from the publisher.

RHEM 4 has been released for purchased online, with a retail version expected shortly.

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