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RHEM 4 breaks loose in UK this fall

Puzzle lovers have not one but four reasons to celebrate today, as Lace Mamba Global has announced plans to release a RHEM Trilogy bundle in the UK, followed by the launch of RHEM 4 this fall.

First appearing in 2003, the RHEM series is one of the few remnants of the solitary puzzle-centric adventure era. Dropping players into the vast environs of RHEM island, guided only by messages from bothers Kales and Zetais, the first three games consisted largely of exploring different parts of the island, both above and below ground, solving a variety of challenging logic and mechanical puzzles along the way.

RHEM 4 picks up where the third game left off, but unlike its predecessors, this time there's hope of an actual escape. Kales has discovered a transport system that could ultimately lead off the island, but players must first collect several parts of the key to access it. So once more it's time to "explore this huge, fantastic world full of strange vehicles and buildings, unknown mechanisms and machines, secret passages and doorways, though players will this time meet new characters, who can help them solve some of the mysteries they will face."

Both the Trilogy and RHEM 4 will be available for PC and Mac, with release dates due some time this quarter.

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