Trailer exposes the madness of upcoming trip to Asylum

Next horror adventure by Scratches creator targeting 2011 release

After months of driving horror fans nuts with a series of viral videos and teasing with hints of an "Unnamable Project" in development, Agustín Cordes today released a trailer that at last reveals the title and a first glimpse into his new adventure, Asylum.

We've heard very little so far about the new game from the creator of Scratches, other than the filmed rantings of a tortured man named Bertrand released by escaped inmate Leonard Huntings, warning people of the horrors of the Hanwell Mental Institute. If the new trailer is any indication, Leonard may have been right.

The video (not recommended for children or the faint of heart) takes players on an increasingly disturbing tour of Hanwell, offering brief looks at the madness lurking within its hallways. According to Cordes, the "decaying Hanwell institute seems to have a life of its own and was designed from the ground up after real blueprints of vintage asylums.”

No further details are known about Asylum at this point other than a target release date of 2011. In the meantime, be sure to check out the viral trailers and other details about Hanwell at the official website.

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