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Puzzle Agent launched for download today on PC and Mac

It's time for puzzle fans to don their thinking caps and earmuffs for a trip to Scoggins, Minnesota, in Telltale's Puzzle Agent, released today for download on PC and Mac.

In Puzzle Agent, Nelson Tethers is the one-man Department of Puzzle Research for the FBI. After years of frustrating inactivity, Tethers is sent to look into the mysterious shutdown of the Scoggins Eraser factory, supplier of all erasers for the White House. What he finds when he arrives, however, is a town full of unhelpful locals and a host of brainteasers to solve, along with a variety of red gnomes to chill him even more than the wintry environs.

Along with a free playable demo, Puzzle Agent is available for download now from the official website for $9.95. Unlike other Telltale episodic adventures, this game is available only as a standalone episode with no promise of a future disc release.

For more details about Puzzle Agent, be sure to check out our recent preview of the game.

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