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Monkey Island 2, Portal 2, Professor Layton trailers premiere at E3

It's E3 week, which means plenty of new videos for your movie-watching pleasure! There's a fairly light adventure representation at the show this year, but early highlights include the first trailers for Monkey Island 2: Special Edition, Portal 2, and Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

The enhanced version of LeChuck's Revenge needs no introduction by now. The hugely popular 1991 adventure is returning this year on multiple platforms, complete with voiceovers, hint system, new control scheme, in-game commentary from the developers, and of course the ability to switch seamlessly between the original art and new high-definition art of the same scenes. The trailer offers an amusing take on the differences between versions when the game releases in July.

While many would dispute the notion that Portal qualifies as an adventure, few dispute its brilliance in melding various genres for a unique puzzle-based experience, challenging players to master the use of portals to transport instantly through different points in physical space. Though the sequel was recently been pushed back to 2011, the teaser hints at what awaits with glimpses of Aperture Science and an ever-delightful welcome message from GLaDOS.

After two successful DS puzzle-adventures for the titular top-hatted archeologist and his young assistant Luke, news of a third Professor Layton adventure comes as no surprise. In Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, young Luke isn't so young anymore, as the protagonists receive a troubling letter from Luke ten years in the future with news that London is in disarray and in desperate need of the Professor's help.

Stay tuned to Adventure Gamers for more screenshots, videos, and news from E3 in the coming days.

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