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Casebook series re-opened in new Special Edition trilogy

Mystery buffs and FMV fans who have managed to miss the Casebook series so far now have another chance, as New Zealand developer areo has just announced a new "Special Edition" trilogy.

The Casebook series casts players in the first-person role of a young police recruit partnered with Detective James Burton. Over the course of two-plus hours of live-action footage, Burton interrogates the witnesses and suspects of three distinct cases involving child kidnapping, an apparent suicide, and murder, respectively, while players carefully explore crime scenes and process the evidence through a variety of forensic-based minigames.

Since the original release of Kidnapped, The Watcher, and Snake in the Grass, areo took player feedback to heart and enhanced the games with additional minigames for better gameplay balance, an evidence folder that is no longer automated, the ability to skip minigames, and a ranking system to gauge your progress, plus the obligatory "bunch of other little improvements".

The new Casebook Trilogy is available for preorder now at the official website for $15.95. Those who order early get immediate access to Kidnapped, with the following two episodes available on June 24th. The episodes are DRM-free, and even the free mini-case called Episode 0: The Missing Urn has been updated, and is free for everyone to download now. Those who previously bought the original Casebook episodes and wish to upgrade can pick up the new versions at a heavily discounted price, as outlined in the sit's Special Edition FAQ.

Further good news awaits for Casebook as well, as publishing plans for a boxed retail edition of the trilogy are now being finalized, and details are expected to be unveiled shortly.

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