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Sol705 campaign

Director’s Cut of The Abbey now ready for order

The trend towards updated Director's Cuts of older adventure games continues, as Spanish developer Alcachofa Soft has recently unveiled an enhanced downloadable version of The Abbey.

Originally released as Murder in the Abbey in North America, the game sends players back to the Middle Ages for a medieval whodunit. Grand Inquisitor Leonardo and his bumbling assistant Bruno travel to a remote abbey where a series of unexplained murders are occurring, and only they can solve the crimes and uncover the many dangerous secrets of the monastery.

The Windows 7-compatible Director's Cut includes a variety of enhancements over the 2008 original, including:

    - New scenes and several new puzzles and footage.

    - A new and spectacular final puzzle.

    - Revised playability, so that you can play in any order and choosing one path or another.

    - Visual improvements and changes: polished backgrounds, new characters, special effects, etc.

    - Double-clicking increases the speed of the main character movement.

    - New additional voice-over.

    - Modified conversations for a boost to the pace of the game.

The Abbey Director's Cut is currently available only as a download for $9.95 (or local currency equivalent) directly from the developer's official website.

For more details about The Abbey, be sure to check out our review of the original version.

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I would not bother re The Abbey, it is one of the worst games i have seen in years. and totally ignored or destroyed the wonderful novel which was its source for story. I keep hoping this title will disappear into the past.

Jun 9, 2010
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