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Sol705 campaign

A Pinch in Saint Petersburg now ready for nabbing

If a trip to the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg is a little out of your price range this summer, at least you can read about one in Malinche Entertainment's latest text adventure, A Pinch in Saint Petersburg.

The game's protagonist is a visitor preparing to tour the famous art museum, but any hopes of a relaxing vacation soon come literally to a screeching halt as you turn to see your spouse and daughter being shoved into a Mercedes, abducted at gunpoint. Now, "in a capital city of a country you do not know, with millions of people speaking a language you do not speak, you must find your loved ones and take them back."

Promising a faithful (text) recreation of the Hermitage, along with various other streets and locales around the exotic Russian city, A Pinch in Saint Petersburg is now available for purchase and download from the official website]official website on multiple platforms, and will run on any version of Windows or Mac OS X. Non-interactive eBook and Kindle editions will soon be available as well.

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