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1112: Episode 02 added to App Store for iPhone/iPod Touch

It took a while in arriving, but at long last the second episode of the surreal mystery series 1112 has now been released by Agharta Studios.

In Episode 2, players won't begin by knowing much more than they did when the debut installment finished off. Louis Everett is a middle-aged man living a quiet life with his wife in New Jersey, but he's suffering from unexplained headaches and weird dreams. Now he has arrived in New York under mysterious circumstances, with no idea why, and players must help him discover the reason for his presence in the city.

The time since the first episode hasn't been spent idly. The indie French studio has "totally redesigned" the game engine to make better use of the unique features of the iPhone and iPod Touch. The second episode also promises 25 new environments and 14 additional characters, some of which are on display in the game's trailer.

1112: Episode 2 can be purchased for $4.99 from the iTunes Store, where you can also find the prologue-like initial episode.

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