Heavy Rain storms into stores for PlayStation 3

PC(-only) owners can simply read it and weep, but PlayStation 3 gamers must now make the first of many decisions, as the highly-anticipated unique genre-blender Heavy Rain has now been released in both Europe and North America.

The PS3 exclusive is the new game from Quantic Dream, the ambitious creators of Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. Like its predecessor, Heavy Rain blends traditional adventure exploration, context-sensitive controls, a series of complex QuickTime Events, and a host of consequential choices into an intense, emotional storyline to create a new type of interactive movie experience.

In Heavy Rain, players control four different characters, including an FBI profiler named Norman and a photojournalist named Madison. The protagonists are unrelated to each other, but each has personal reasons to track down the "Origami Killer" throughout the game's 60 distinct chapters that can play out in a variety of ways according to player decisions along the way.

For more information about Heavy Rain, be sure to check out our preview of the game and the official website.

Details on Heavy Rain

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