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8 Bit is Enough offered free in sizzling one-day deal [now over]

Note: the free deal is now over.

If you already know who the "Burninator" refers to, today's news is right up your alley. Then again, if you don't know then your awesomeness level clearly needs a boost, and what better way than to celebrate "Trogday" with a free episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, available from Telltale Games for one day only.

It's been seven years to the day since the creation of Trogdor, the fire-breathing menace and cult favourite among fans of HomestarRunner.com. Despite his popularity, the beefy-armed dragon was forced to sit unceremoniously on the sidelines for much of Telltale's SBCG4AP series, but finally broke free (literally) of his arcade cabinet to run rampant and scorch the countryside in 8 Bit is Enough. In the resulting chaos, a variety of 8-bit Videlectrix games began leaking into the real world, and only diminutive tough guy Strong Bad can save the day by conquering the dragon once and for all. (Some birthday for Trogdor.)

You'll have to act fast to scoop up your free downloadable copy of 8 Bit is Enough, as the game is only available today. For more information about the free episode, be sure to check out our review of the game. But download first, then read while you wait. The clock is ticking.

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