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The Fall Trilogy launches with release of Kheops Studio’s puzzler

Kheops Studio is back with a new game, though for now you can't look for it on store shelves, as the debut episode of The Fall Trilogy has launched exclusively at the company's own web store.

A puzzle-based title (remember those?) designed to appeal to both adventure fans and casual gamers alike, The Fall Trilogy kicks off with Chapter 1: Separation, in which players awaken in an Asian temple with no memory but plenty of obstacles standing between you and escape. The three installments will each present a standalone experience with a larger narrative arc that ties them all together, with the full adventure concluded at the end of the third and final chapter.

More of an episodic puzzler than a casual release like the many hidden object games, Kheops CEO Benoit Hozjan describes The Fall Trilogy has having a "spirit close to Safecracker", the French studio's earlier popular puzzle game. With a projected game time of 4-6 hours, the first chapter will offer plenty of brain-straining challenges to keep players occupied, though a help system will assist those in need.

Separation is currently available only in a Collector's Edition version, which adds a strategy guide along with the game. Kheops says the game is likely to circulate among other download portals in future, and hopefully even see a retail release eventually.

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