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The Fall Trilogy launches with release of Kheops Studio’s puzzler

Kheops Studio is back with a new game, though for now you can't look for it on store shelves, as the debut episode of The Fall Trilogy has launched exclusively at the company's own web store.

A puzzle-based title (remember those?) designed to appeal to both adventure fans and casual gamers alike, The Fall Trilogy kicks off with Chapter 1: Separation, in which players awaken in an Asian temple with no memory but plenty of obstacles standing between you and escape. The three installments will each present a standalone experience with a larger narrative arc that ties them all together, with the full adventure concluded at the end of the third and final chapter.

More of an episodic puzzler than a casual release like the many hidden object games, Kheops CEO Benoit Hozjan describes The Fall Trilogy has having a "spirit close to Safecracker", the French studio's earlier popular puzzle game. With a projected game time of 4-6 hours, the first chapter will offer plenty of brain-straining challenges to keep players occupied, though a help system will assist those in need.

Separation is currently available only in a Collector's Edition version, which adds a strategy guide along with the game. Kheops says the game is likely to circulate among other download portals in future, and hopefully even see a retail release eventually.

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I just tried the demo from BigFish . I like the panning feature. So far the puzzles are easier than traditional adventures, but more challenging than casual games. I wish they’d make the tutorials optional, and stop putting sparkles on the hidden objects.

Jan 10, 2010

Yes,thisgames contains lot of HOGs,as it is intended for casual gamers,rather than regular adventure gamers.Many people is more casual gamers rather than regular adventure gamer,since it is more light in size and story.I think that why Kheops release this.
It is puzzle based just like Safecracker.
If you like Safecracker, then you’ll like The Fall.
Size only 127 MB and i already have it through BigfishGames,Inc.
Already Finished it too,dont worry there are no timers,lot of unlimited hints that recharged over time,Clue gauge that function like inside walktrough(recharged over time), and Puzzle can be SKIP too so u can continue the games.

Jan 3, 2010

@ Magicarb: thanks for your warning!

Dec 30, 2009

There are numerous hidden object screens to get through. This write-up doesn’t make that at all clear. I detest HOGs, and wasted $20 on this. I won’t be buying future chapters, thanks.

Dec 28, 2009
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