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Alpha Polaris shooting for release in 2010

There will be plenty of chills out of Finland next year, in more ways than one, as indie developer Turmoil Games has just announced its debut horror title, Alpha Polaris.

A third-person, point-and-click adventure, the game sends players to the titular Alpha Polaris, an American oil research station in snowbound Greenland, where "high above, the ion storm of the century is gathering, bringing about a strange intermixing of reality and night terrors. It is up to Rune Knudsen, a Norwegian biologist, to take on a desperate struggle against fear and death, and to face the primordial force lurking beyond the veiled sky."

According to project leader Teemu Vilén, the game promises a "restrained horror setting" and a mature, character-driven storyline that focuses on "a wide range of human themes in a realistic way: paranoia, isolation, friendship, love and so on." For additional details as they become available, be sure to check out the game's official website.

While no firm release date has yet been announced, the developers are currently targeting completion some time in mid-2010.

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