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Machinarium motors into UK stores in March

Having taken the adventure world by storm as a downloadable release in October, now Machinarium looks set to start conquering the retail fronts, beginning with the UK next March.

The first full-length adventure from the creators of Samorost puts players in the role of a little robot cast out of a giant, towering mechanical city. In order save the city from the ruthless plans of the Black Cap Brotherhood and rescue his girlfriend in the process, the robot must first overcome a variety of obstacles in his way.

Machinarium is the latest addition to an impressive 2010 lineup for the Odyssia label of Mamba Games, the fledgling publisher who made a huge genre splash earlier this year with the announcement of its plans to publish such titles as Gray Matter, Black Mirror 2, 15 Days, and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island.

The UK retail version version of Machinarium will include some bonus materials like a CD with the game's soundtrack and five additional songs, a poster, and a booklet with never-before-seen concept art.

For more information about Machinarium, be sure to check out our review of the game.

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