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Playable demo acts as primer for upcoming Machinarium

Like other machines needing a good primer, now Machinarium has its own in the form of a playable demo just released.

The highly-anticipated adventure is the first full-fledged game from the creator of Samorost, in which players control a little robot cast out of a towering city into the outer junk-strewn wastelands. Solving a series of puzzles along the way, the robot must work its way back into the city, while players slowly uncover the reason for its predicament and the urgency behind its return.

For now, the demo is available from the German website DemoNews, but the language barrier isn't an issue. The game itself features no actual dialogue, so all you need to understand is "Download" and you're all set for grabbing the 31 MB sampler. The demo begins right at the start of the game, easing the player into Machinarium's gameplay through the first several levels.

For more information about Machinarium, be sure to check out our hands-on preview and pop over to the official website, where pre-orders are already being accepted. There isn't much longer to wait, either, as the game is due out on October 16th.

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